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Locke’s works involve complex technologies expensive materials and processes. Projects often rely heavily on the moral, practical and creative support of many friends, artists, specialists and industry partners. The artists wishes to thank greatly all those who have assisted in making her ambitious new works possible and supported the projects in any way.

Sponsors and support since 1994

Abbey Road Studio’s, London
Alchemy Mastering Ltd, London
Carlton Audio Visual, Australia
Synergy Audio Visual, Australia
Ultralift, Australia
Vestax UK ltd
ITT flygt Ltd
Zanussi, UK
Ted Baker UK
GB Wilbond Ltd Uk
Keyline Ltd UK
Lee Glass Ltd UK
Makers, Nottingham, UK
Goodman Sparks Ltd UK
The Nottingham Trent University, UK
The University of Derby, UK
The University of Brighton, UK
The University of Kyoto, Japan
The Royal College of Art, London, UK.
The British Council

Sponsors of the current work Hydrophonics are:

Fane Acoustics, Ltd – Transducers and speakers
Amina Technologies, Ltd - Transducers
Tubbit Scaffolding, Nottingham, UK – scaffolding staging
Makers, Nottingham, UK- Fabrication support
Hawthorn Theatrical, UK – Theatre lighting
XTA, UK - Andrew Grayland - Technical support/equipment
Limit Audio, UK – John Brown – Technical advice
Stacked Productions, UK – Bee Bagley & Joe Robertson - sound engineering/technical & administrative support
Active Ingredient, UK – Media support
Telegeneration, UK - Internet facilitators
Alustain Fabrications PTY LTD, Australia - Brett Morrison
Krix Loudspeakers PTY LTD, Australia - Peter Lawson
Production Audio Services PTY LTD, Australia - Graeme Stevenson
CRLaser PTY LTD, Australia
Project supported by a research award from The University Of Derby, UK
The Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
and The Arts Council of England

Sponsors of The Maastricht Hydrophonic Sound Fountain are;

Funktion One - Tony Andrews together with John Newsham - offered sponsorship and support developing new designs for the Hydrophonic’s speaker systems.
Limit Audio - sound designers/installers and suppliers – have provided consultation services, support and sponsorship for Hydrophonics since 2004.
Frocester Engineering -is an innovative light engineering company specialising in tube bending, welding and fabrication techniques. The stainless steel structures, cylinders and steel frames were be designed by the artist and built by Frocester Engineering.
Stacked Productions – are sound engineers and specialists who have worked closely with the artist since 2005. Stacked productions provide consultancy, technical support and sound engineering skills and have contributed considerably to the Maastricht project.

Sponsors of the ’Seeing Sound Project’ are;
Olympus Ltd
Providing microscopic equipment and support.