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The early roots of Locke’s work lie in Performance and Live Art, working with movement, dance and large-scale sets and media. She has always been interested in ‘presence’. The Presence of a performer was sometimes replaced by the ‘presence’ of a machine or mechanism or her own performances were recorded and projected as part of an installation.
More recently Caroline has been involved in processes that show human presence in the form of vibration, drawing insight from scientific theories that state that all things vibrate. She been exploring ideas centred around life forces and rhythms linked to body cadences and the concept that life exists around silent rhythm. She interprets this in her practice through exploring ways of visualising these rhythms.

Pelleas And Mellisande - Live Performance Event with Dancer Kerry Nichols and Tractor. Presented By Future Factory – Bonington Gallery March 2001.

Hydrophonics – On Line