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Sound FountainNovember 2011
Sound Fountains - Exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November from 11am - 4pm.

There is a live performance at 7.30 on Saturday 26th November with musicians Sam Hempton and Steve Truman. Its free but to book the Saturday performance on line go to -


Sound FountainJune - September 2010
Visit the international exhibition of 10 sound art installations in Neerpelt. This summer exhibition is not limited to one particular location but scattered over various squares, buildings, deserted premises, shop windows and other spots between the train station and Provincial Domein Dommelhof. Sound Fountain II can be found on the steps at the entrance to the Town Hall. See link:


Sound Fountain 2June 2010
Sound Fountain II is the artist’s most recent project. Sound waves move through the water allowing the spectator to experience the sight of sound. The sculpture travels to Neerpelt in Belgium in June where it will be exhibited as part of a series of sound Installations alongside the ‘Klankenbos’ park. Klankenbos is a permanent collection of sound sculptures in the open air, accommodated at the provincial Domein Dommelhof at Neerpelt and unique in Europe.


NeerpeltMay 2010
Neerpelt, Belgium. Visiting Musica Impulse Center for music and their unique collection of sound sculpture – Klankenbos. Inspiring work.




ExperimentsMarch 2010
Working with Electronics and Media Lecturer Alex Gibbins in the lab. We are extending existing research and developing interactive possibilities for a new installation.



Inventory of SOundsFebruary 2010
1 February - 1 March 2010 Open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm Markeaton Street Campus The University of Derby Faculty of Arts and Technology






January 2010
Installing the new Sound Fountain II and 14 photographic prints of microscopic images of collected sound samples sent through water at the new Faculty building for Arts and Technology at The University of Derby.





December 2009
Collecting the new Steel work from Frocester Engineering. Thank you Anthony and Tony.


Finktion OneNovember 2009
Another trip to Funktion One. More developments to the speaker unit designs.

Thanks Tony, John and Ann – Lovely to see you again.




PowerhouseJuly 2009
Sydney, Australia. Meetings at Casula Powerhouse Exhibition Centre discussing possibilities for a largescale solo show. Nice to be back – this building is just as inspiring 3 years on.



April 2008
Seeing Sound Series One – the Bass Guitar and the Cello – photographic images can be viewed as part of The Open Studio exhibition at Derby University April 10th – May 2nd










Early January 2008
I start the year running a few tests using different combinations of cameras, microscope lenses and lights from the new Olympus range. Looking closely at heart beats and instruments sent through water. Thanks Jo and Olympus for providing the gear.





November 2007
Caroline Locke's recent work is officially opened in Maastricht on 30th November.
If you happen to be in the area - the opening of the New School of Governance and The Maastricht Hydrophonic Fountains will begin at 2pm at The Maastricht University Kapoenstraat.
If not and you are interested you can view a short edit of documentation of the sculptures.

Please go to web link -







Late September 2007
Unwrapping the fountains finally – I have waited so long to do this.  Installing the fountains took two days – not bad at all. Huge thanks to Joe and Bee, Jos and the building team in Maastricht.












September 2007
The refurbishment of the School of Governance building is nearly complete. Jos Kramer, the architect, has achieved so much here  - its beautiful.












Late August 2007
Joe and Bee and Myself – more tests in ‘The Lab’  - finalising the programming of the fountains.





August 2007

Synth tests and recording in ‘The Lab’. Thankyou Nail for your Korg – I had much fun.




July 2007
I have a new studio and the Maastricht sound sample tests continue. Thanks to Huw, Long, Joe and Bee for your assistance the last few weeks.



July 2007
Finalising speaker designs with Tony, John and Joe at Function One. Huge thanks for a long day!









May 2007
Picking up the fountains – the stainless steelwork is finished – thanks Bruv!.








May 2007
Water jet cutting stainless steel at Frocester Engineering, Somerset.




April 2007
Final visit to Maastricht to determine the exact position of the sound fountains.









Melbourne, Australia.

Working with Casey Rice developing the next phase of Hydrophonics - there's alot of soldering involved...... Good to be back.



Meetings with the Art Committee at Maastricht University. Recently been invited to create a permanent sculpture for the newly refurbished 18th Century Kapoenbuilding at the University Maastricht. Designs have now been accepted – just waiting for approval regarding health and safety regs. This large-scale project is due to be completed summer 2007.

Dorking, UK.

Meetings at Funktion One with Tony Andrews and John Newsham. Set up the tanks. Lots of chin stroking!.
We think there is a new design on the way.
What a great day – Thank you Tony, John, Joe and Bee!

Maastricht, Holland.

At the University Maastricht meeting the Art Committee who have invited me to make a design for a permanent sculpture for the School of Governance.
Maastricht is a fine city- very pleased to be here.

Online Interview with Curator Robb Kelly for Experience The Arts (ETA), Brisbane 2006.

ETA is fully accommodated intensive 6 days of visual art workshops, visits to galleries and universities plus an evening program of collaborative artmaking and social activities. For further information visit

Using the very latest technology in the field of stereo microscopy (Olympus SZ2 microscope).

Exploring in more detail the sight of sound through water. Thanks to Jo and Olympus for sorting this!


Back in the UK

I've been experimenting with a 1969 EMS VCS3 - the same synth that Pink Floyd used on the Dark side of moon album. - Its amazing - borrowed it from ‘BENT' (Thank you Nail and Thank you Simon!)..... Its like a suit case - keys in the lid..... patch bay with pins like an old telephone exchange – I love this machine!.



Brisbane –Badnoise – Sound and video installation - at Rawspace gallery – 99, Melbourne

Street – 8pm until late.


Victoria, Australia.

Currently I am the visiting academic at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.
In the studio with Casey Rice at Monash's Caulfield campus - sending synth through tanks.

The performance of Hydrophonics will be streamed live via the internet to Britain during two sessions - one evening and one early morning - on 27th - 12.30 UK- 9.30pm Australia and 29th November 10pm UK- 7am- Australia, as part of the Radiator Digital Arts Festival in Nottingham.

Sound will be sent from the Monash campus to specially designed water tanks at The Malt Cross in Nottingham.
The event can be viewed on line at - at 12.30pm GMT 27th November and 9.30pm GMT 29th November

Further information -

I had a cardiograph recording my heart rate whist I listened to a ground Zero track. Heart rate soared to new heights!.


I'm in Queensland, Australia.

Brisbane ARC biennial – 28-30th Oct 05 – sound and video Installation - “Badnoise” will be exhibited as part of ‘Uncovered’ at the ARC Biennial – A Major Australian arts festival opened by UK Art Critic Mathew Collins. Rawspace gallery – 99, Melbourne
Street- Saturday 29th October from 8pm.

Further Information- 11






Artist Talk at the IMA
- 8pm






Brisbane, Australia

Sarah - Lawrence and I went late night underwater recording - with a Hydrophone and underwater camera.



In the studio recording the Hydrophonic ssoundtrack. Ming and Sam and Charlotte and her bump!Thanks Gareth and Sirkus .





Nottingham, UK

Hydrophonics will be performed live at the Malt Cross, St. James Street, Nottingham on Monday 21st March 2005 at 8pm.
Contact Caroline for more details.

The BBC come to film the tech run.

XTA Electronics director Andrew Grayland and Phil visit the studio. His ‘XTA Sidds’ have transformed our system – thanks Andrew!. Rehearsals continue.


We are currently experimenting with the Hydrophonic tanks – sending different instruments through the water to see the different effects that different frequencies have on the water surface.

I start in the Garage. Then the living room . Eventually rehearsing at Victoria Studios - Thanks Nottingham Trent University.



The skies are huge. Water does drain the opposite way down the plughole and the moon is upside down.

Private view and Exhibition at The Bourgie gallery, Melbourne, Australia .14th April – 27th.
The Vortex machine – A kinetic water sculpture – A never ending vortex cycles within a Perspex orb.

Fear Factor Seven - Seven screen video installation. Breaking seven superstitions.